Tuesday, 2 September 2014

dsonic 小分析

datasonic group berhad(dsonic)一间100%土著拥有的公司。业务涉及 身份证卡myKaD, 银行atm, credit 和debit 卡等的晶片smart card公司。也是大马唯一一家涉及此smart card的上市公司。常得到政府部门合约,内政部和妇女部,外交部刚刚才对它们发放合约。因为独家的关系,常会使人误解政府内部作业,早已定下合约归谁,tender只是把戏。可是国内没有其他家有这样的服务,如果有,也是要从新做起来,所以给生的,不如给熟的做,就这样他的晶片生意源源不绝。接下来的就是医药资料和汽油津贴卡。


1。Datasonic Technologies secured a contract from Immigration Department of Malaysia to supply new passport polycarbonate datapage laser engraving personalisation equipment to the Immigration Department of Malaysia. The duration of the contract is from 1 February 2013 to 31 January 2018.

2。contract worth RM72 million, was for the supply of four million new raw MyKad to the National Registration Department for a period of six months from Jan 1 to June 30, 2014.

3。 supply of additional 10 million new raw MyKad together with 10 million consumables to the NRD, a job worth RM220.20 million for a period of two years from July 1,2014 to June 30, 2016.

4。the installation of  closed-circuit television (CCTV) security camera systems in Penang which worth rm 5.4million.

5。supply printing systems and information technology equipment valued at RM16.9m

6。当然还包括本来的业务,也得到master card和visa card的信赖。公司业务




Fuel Subsidy News

RHB给予2.50的目标价。buy by rhb 看专家分析就好了。
Buy by RHB 29 August 2014


 从图看,可以知道现在是stochastic,wm%R都在oversold area。上升模式已经在不远处了,交叉后就是上升的开始。这个1.80到1.82 可以算是很好的支持点了。再来就是价格是在bbband的support地带。价格上涨短期达到1.95是可期的,因为那里是bbband的resistance。




  1. Replies
    1. yes. u r right. but d increase in eps will surely reduce d pe. that is why d fuel subsidy contract is very important to dsonic+pos. d contract is 2 or 3% from d total money that gov can save from fuel subsidy program. analisist said it helps to save 9.8 billion. it is equal to 200 or 300 million revenue yearly. d net profit is estimated to b at least 24million, which is about eps 2 sen.
      besides that d medical card which is waiting to b approved also can help to increase d reveñue n net profit. that why rhb research increase d tp from 2.04 to 2.50. some may say rhb cant b trusted. not reliable. but they come out with such tp sure have their supporting points. fuelsubs is d catalyst at d moment. budget play.

    2. probability can win the contract is big?
      if the program is not run, what will happen for the dsonic?
      u will keep, sell or buy?

    3. there r at least 2 contracts waiting to b awarded by d gov. fuelsubs n medical data centralised program. these 2 r quite convenient if it is integrated into mykad. some of d contracts i already mentioned in my articlr above. the possibility to win fuelsubs is high as it is jv with pos. remember during adullah as prime minister, pos was given d right to disribute d refund to eligible. i assume it as a shorterm budget play. depend on d situation. 1 n half month to budget day

  2. Hi, may I know where to view the latest information whether their contracts been awarded by gov?

    1. the above contracts. i get it from datasonic own website. some from news. some from rhb report.

    2. Thanks Justin, how do you think about Dsonic-CA? Still can invest?

    3. The maturity Date for CA is near. january 2015.
      So IF you have experience about call warrant, you might go in. Usually before maturity, it will shoot up to lure people come to pick the share. trade at your own risk.

    4. Dsonic ca, must check the maturity date, convertion ratio, and excersice price then decide. High risk high return. Are you a risk taker? your money your decision.